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Project Autism Tutorials and Lectures

Over the years Project Autism has developed a number of iPad tutorials, recorded some of the various classes Karina has taught at Monash University and Karina has been a keynote speaker at conferences in Australia and the USA.
We have recorded as much as possible to share our knowledge and experience with teachers, parents and any other professionals interested in engaging educational practices.

Module 9 - PBS
iPad Apps for Education - Bloom's Digital Taxonomy & Using iPads for Autism Education

iPad Apps for Education - Bloom's Digital Taxonomy & Using iPads for Autism Education

My iPads for Autism Education Course Series is now available with University of North Dakota Autism iPad Techniques to Bridge Learning Gaps iPad Strategies to Engage Students Who Have Autism Turn Your iPad into an Augmentative Communication Device An introduction to Bloom's Digital Taxonomy and how it applies to using iPads with children on the Autism Spectrum, including a list of iPad apps for each area of learning. This is a short lecture and information presentation for anyone working with children who have autism, and are considering using iPads for educational purposes. Thanks to Kathy Schrock for allowing me to reference her amazing work on Bloom's and SAMR. Please visit her website The Slideshare link to this presentation is at You can download this presentation and get a direct link to all of the apps listed. iPads for Autism Education - using Apps for the Classroom How to transform your lessons and create a 21st Century Classroom by using the iPad and apps. You can use your favorite lessons and update them to make them more relevant and current for your students. The iPad is revolutionising education and the classroom like never before. These apps will also assist in bridging learning gaps and differentiate lessons for all learners, especially for those on the Autism Spectrum Temple Grandin's view of iPads: Temple Grandin's Interview on iPads iPadagogy Khan Academy
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