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Private Assessment & Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support

Karina works one on one with clients and their families to provide the following services:

  • Identification and assessment of the client's behaviour.

  • Assessment and creation of a Behaviour Support Plan.

  • Create and implement strategies to manage client's behaviour.

  • Empower clients to be involved in the management of their behavour, implementation of their Behaviour Management Plan and work together towards their education goals. 

  • Creation of personlised strategies and programs to use in the home.

  • Behaviour support for school and home life.

  • Analysis of the client's sensory surroundings and provide strategies to cater to the client's sensory needs.

  • Training parents to use the iPad as a therapeutic device.

  • Act as a liaison between the client's family, services and their school.

  • Transitioning from High School to adult life. 

1 hour $200

Skype Consultations

  • Personalised curriculum using iPad apps to achieve education goals.

  • Using iPads and/or similar technology such as Kindle, Samsung and other tablets as an augmentative communication device.

  • Training parents to use the iPad as a therapeutic  and educational device. 

1 hour $100

Contact Karina for an Initial Evaluation

0437 371 404 |

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