Making a Change

The last few weeks I've felt my client’s desperation. It’s sometimes difficult for me to walk away without feeling like I need to do more. Why is that? A number of my clients have two or more children on the spectrum and all of the parents I meet are struggling with lack of resources, funding and therapies. Either they can’t find appropriate therapies, or they can’t find the funding to do the therapies once they find them. Parents struggle enough – No one can even remotely

My First Blog Post

I wanted my very first post to put a stamp on what I want to achieve with Project Autism.  I want to help families of children with autism to alter their perception of what autism is and in doing so alter how they then live their lives.  When we see autism as a brilliant way of being and that we need to deal with autism in a more transformative way, then we frame our own experiences in a much more positive and energetic way. I by no means want to diminish families experience